Fountains of Kaposvár

Kaposvár is the city of flowers and also the city of fountains.

There are not many places in the city where the soothing and pleasant swash of the fountains could not be heard. As the result of the deliberate prettifying and designing of the city, today the evolving of a more significant square or roundabout is nearly unimaginable without the design of a special, playful or even an imposing fountain.

Márton Áron szobor

Year of establishment: 2020

Location: Kossuth tér ( near presbytery)


Fountain with dancing couples

Year of establishment: 1913

Location: In front of Csiky Gergely Theatre

The first fountain of the city was requested to be established by the Kaposvári Városszépítő Egyesület. The fountain was modeled by the sculptor Apáti Abt Sándor, and the Zsolnay Factory which is in Pécs, fabricated it of majolica and granite.


Vízesés szobor

Location: the park behind Csiky Gergely Theatre

The water is dribbling down on the rubbles of the mini fountain - which is shaping a waterfall – into the pond.



Year of establishment: 1983 

Location: the park behind Csiky Gergely Theatre

The fabled, stone-carved fountain of the sculptor, Katalin Gera from Kaposvár.  



Year of establishment: 1929

Location: Berzsenyi Park

According to reports of that period, lightshow made this fountain special. The fountain made by Zsolnay Factory had to be rebuilt in 2001.


Rippl-Rónai Fountain

 Year of establisment: 1930’s

Location: Rippl-Rónai Square

The Rippl-Rónai Park which is located in the heart of the city, was evolved in the 1910’s. The Rippl-Rónai Statue – created by Ferenc Medgyessy – was established in the 1950’s to the middle of the square. From 2001, take pleasure in the renewed park and fountain.


Mushrooms” Fountain

Year of establishment: 1975

Location: Honvéd street, in front of the supermarket.

The fountain was made of ceramic and metal based on the painter, István Z. Soós’s color schemes.


Zsolnay Drinking Well

Year of establishment: 1988

Location: Main Street

The distinctive dash of color of Sétálóutca is the ornate drinking well in the pivot of the arcade house (Fő str. 21) and Csokonai Köz. György Fürtös’s eosin-glazed Zsolnay Fountain was initiated after the Main Street became Sétálóutca.


Fountain of Europe Park

Year of establishment: 2000

Location: Europe Park (Sétálóutca)

The fountain, made of moroccan limestone, is one of the most beautiful fountains of the city.


Swimming Fountain

Year of establishment: 2001

Location: City Park

The fountain that ornates the lake is a real speciality in the middle of the 5-hectare City Park.


Fountains at Kossuth-square

Year of establishment: 2003

Location: Kossuth-square

The beautified, reconstructed Kossuth-square was transmitted in 2003. The imposing fountain-composition – with the mini fountains, waterfalls and varied waterspouts crossing the square – was made based on the plans of János Ripszám. Lovely light- and soundshow delights those who repose at the square.

(Soundshow in summer season on Fridays at 7pm to 8pm)


 „Dandelion” Fountain

Year of establishment: 2006

Location: Béke-Füredi model housing-estate

The modern, square-shaped, stone and metal-made fountain-composition, having 154 pieces of jet nozzles is special for its night-lightshow.


Boy with fish

Fiú hallal

Year of establishment: 1962

Location: area of Kaposi Mór County Hospital

The statue made in 1962 is the creation of György Farsang.




Year of establishment: 1986

Location: housing-estate at Nemzetőrsor

„Panka” is a bronze-made fountain set in 1986, and is a lovely dash of color of the housing estate at Nemzetőrsor. The city is planning the renewal of the charming child-figure and its pertaining two fountains, created by Klára Weeber.

Monument of ’56

56-os kaposfüredi emlékmű

Year of establishment: 2006

Location: Kaposfüred

The fishes in the fountain, as well as the cluster of grapes engraved into the plinth refers to the vineyard and to the inherence of the city to Lake Deseda.

The creation of József Kling was inaugurated on the 23rd of October in 2006, on the 50th anniversary of the Revolution of 1956.


Monkey Bars


Year of establishment: 2008

Location: Béke-Füredi model housing-estate

The monkey bar-shaped fountain is ornated by the sculptors, Rita Sörös’s and Éva Szabó’s statues named „Kréta and Majoranna” since 2008.


Fountain of the roundabout in Street Raktár

Raktár utcai körforgalom szökőkútja

Year of establishment: 2008

Location: Roundabout in Street Raktár

The fountain, set in the northern gate of the city, appeals the attention of those who visit the city by flowers planted around it. Thereby, it depicts a favourable picture of the city even on the outskirts of it.


Beer Mug


Year of establishment: 2009

Location: Roundabout of Donner

The bronze and glass-made Beer Mug-fountain, which illuminates in green at night, honours the memory of the eponym of the quarter, the master brewer János Donner. Its designers are Rita Sörös and Éva Szabó.


Fountain of Street Noszlopy

Noszlopy utcai körforgalom szökőkútja

Year of establishment: 2009

Location: Roundabout in Street Noszlopy

The fountain in Street Noszlopy was made in 2009 in the investment of Corso Mall, based on Krisztina L. Balogh’s plans.


Fountain in Street Noszlopy

During the reconstruction of downtown, in Street Noszlopy, a fountain system was built in 2010 in the axis of the double-row sycamores, based on the plans of Krisztina L. Balogh, where István Bors’s „4 season” statues were also set.The wells are having an offset with similar geometry but different lenght. István Bors created the statues „4 seasons” in 1982. The master composed the nearly 2,5-3 meter long, totem-like creations to Vivaldi’s 4 seasons. The fountain, taking advantage of the slope of the street, seethes the water from tray to tray from the drinking well which is set as source to the arrival pool, in which there are 1-1 Bors-creations. Besides the resulting spontaneous motion of water, built-in water shows and adjustable light and sound shows entertain the citizens. Every well plays its own item from the Vivaldi composition mentioned above. (Lightshow every day from 7:30am to 9:45pm, Soundshow in every two hours from 7:30am; the last soundshow starts at 9:30pm.)


Sculptures of  Kaposvár 

Sculpture of Kossuth Lajos in the Kossuth square

Year of establishment: : 1911.

This sculpture was made by   János Kopits and the underside of the sculpture was made by Géza Spenger (sculptor).

Sculpture of Szent-István

Year of establishment: 1938

The creation of  József Lamping is located in meridional part  of Catholic church in Kossuth square.

Sculpture of Nepomuki Szent János

Year of establishment: 1932

Nepomuki Szent János is  patron saint of the city. The statue was located in front of the presbitery in  Kossuth square in 1932.


Sculpture of Széchenyi István

Year of establishment: 1990

The sculpture is creation of  Tibor Borbás ( sculptor) and József Palásti .


Sculptures  of Ady Endre and Rippl-Rónai József

Year of establishment: 2010

The sculptures were made by Katalin Gera and are located in Ady Endre street.

Játszó kislányok /  Playing girls

Year of establishment: 2010

Playing girls were made by Rita Sörös and  Éva Szabó .


Florentin, work of art of Katalin Gera sit in front of the Rainbow Palace of Culture .



Year of establishment: 1974

Maria-column was sculpted with rococo style from sandstone in 1770. You can see Hungarian coat of arms in the sculpture which stand under national monument protection .


Tótágas / Handstand

Year of establishment: 2008

This statue was inaugurated in Rippl-Rónai Festival. Katalin Gera 's work. 



Year of establishment: 2000

Napkerék is located in Europa square. 

Csacsifogat /Sculpture of Rippl-Rónai József

Year of establishment:: 2009

The Csacsifogat is situated near Arany Oroszlán Patika (pharmacy) . It was prepared by Ferenc Trischler. 



Year of establishment: 2008

Angel of Liberty

Year of establishment: 2006

Katalin Gera' creation in Berzsenyi park. 



Year of establishment: 2006

 Katalin Gera's work.



Year of establishment: 2014

Millenniumi kettős kereszt

Year of establishment: 2001


Monument of 44-es gyalogezred

Year of establishment: 1932

 Ernő Jálics's work. This stautue illustrate that Herkules grapple with  a lion. 


Sculpture of Németh István

Year of establishment: 1932

István Németh was mayor of Kaposvár and it is located in Berzsenyi park. József Ispánszky's work.


Sculpture of competitor (in the Olympic Games) of county Somogy

Sculpture of competitor is located in Városliget and presents names of participants in the Olympic Games of county Somogy. 

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