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Rippl-Rónai Municipal Museum with County Scope

The Rippl-Rónai Municipal Museum with County Scope is preserving and conveying cultural, scientific and artistic values of Kaposvár and  Somogy County. It’s operated in the centre of the city in a historic building in classicistic style. The basis for the ex-specialities engaged int he research and collection work (natural science , archaeological, modern historical, ethnographical, history of art). Permanent exhibition: Collection of Ödön Rippl-Rónai, Chapters from ethnography of Somogy county. Our natural heritage, Treasures from Somogy. Besides the permanent exhibitions, visitors can enjoy temporary exhibitions, visitors can enjoy temporary exhibitions: as well as museum educational programs and events.

7400 Kaposvár, Fő u  10.

Tel.: +36 20/287-9323


Closed on Monday. 

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Memorial House and Visitor Centre of József Rippl-Rónai (Római Villa)

Rippl-Rónai József, the father of modern painting in Hungary bought the Róma Villa from Gundy György opera singer in 1908. He lived here until his death.He spent the summers in this wonderful environment with his French wife. He worked here and often invited to his villa his artist friends. The two-storey villa with its six living rooms and the beautiful park around it were the scene of the birth of Rippl-Rónai’s colorful and decorative paintings and his so-called maize-style. The museum, with its original furniture and more than 90 paintings offers a rich insight into the artist’s various artistic eras. The Visitor Centre has become the home of the reconstruction of the dinig room of the  Andrássy family. In2013 it was awarded the prestigious title of ’Exhibition of the Year.

Rippl-Rónai Virtual Room

Rippl-Rónai Virtual Room is the novelty of Memorial House and Visitor Centre of Rippl-Rónai, where we can enter to a famous painting of the artist by using a modern technique and try how to paint on a virtual canvas using the cornfield style. 


7400 Kaposvár, Fodor József u 35.

Tel.: +36 82/510-049


Closed on Monday.


Vaszary Art Gallery

The gallery – named after Vaszary János – plays host to temporary fine art and applied art exhibitions at the Együd Árpád Cultural Centre – Agóra.

7400 Kaposvár, Nagy Imre tér 2, Agóra 1st floor


Memorial House of Gyula Takáts

The works of art decorating the dwelling place of Takáts are proofs of the friendship between the poet and other contemporary artists.  The household objects, the Rippl-Rónai and Egry József paintings all remind us of the 20th century.

7400 Kaposvár, Kovács-Sebestény Gyula u. 9.

Pre-booking is required this telephone number: +36 82/527-350 

House of Forests – The forests of  Somogy are at an Arm’s Length

Sefag Zrt. with the establisment of the House of Forests Visitor’s Centre brings the treasures  of the forests closer to those who are interested in their flora and fauna. Int he interactive exhibtion halls from the youngest children to adults, families and tourists everyone may wander amongst the hiding places and treasures of the forest. In the meanwhile while they can get an insight into the life of the forest, the activities of foresters and hunters, they can learn about  their profession. Through the interactive games, information boards, exciting and useful presentations and sessions every generation may gain useful knowledge about the forest habitat.

7400 Kaposvár, Bajcsy u. 21.


Tel.: +36 82/505-175

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Fekete István Visitor Centre – Deseda

Here you can admire the colorful flora nad fauna of Lake Deseda. One of the main attractions of the visitor centre is the oak tree stretching to the top of the building. Around the tree we can see the flora and fauna of the waters, the water front and the forests of the area, while ont he tree trunk we can find a tawny owl, a woodpecker, a jay, a marten and a red squirrel. Int he huge aquarium we can admire the typical herbivorous and predatory fishes of Lake Deseda. Visitors are also attracted by various interactive games and temporary exhibitions. From the outdoor exhibition areas and from the bird, frog and turtle lurking places we can also observe the living flora and fauna of the lake. The playground, the rent a bike and boat stations and the pleasure boat offer further recreation opportunities.

7400 Kaposvár-Toponár , north of Deseda Beach

Tel.: +3630/869-6051, +3620/3102-639

E-mail: E-mail:


Szenna Skanzen

Szenna Skanzen, situated in the area of Zselic National park, only 8km of Kaposvár, provides a breathtaking natural anvironment, the experience of meeting the past and colorful programs for the visitor seeking recreation. This open air museum was brought into existence in a unique way, int he midst of a living village in 1978. Its mission is to preserve and exhibit the colorful folk traditions and the rich cultural heritage of Zselic and Somogy. The dwelling houses and outbuildings int he collection originate from Somogy, Zselic and from alongside of river Dráva, and they present the characteristics of 19th century’s folk architecture, the cellars ont he vineyard represent the wine culture traditions of the area. The pride of the museum is one of the most beautiful monument of the county, the Calvinistic church built in 1785 that plays an active role int he life of the village even nowadays. Its richly decorated and painted boarded ceiling is covered by flamboyant floral  pattern of renaissance origin. The mermaid – motif ont he front –board of the men’s pew provides a special point of interest of the decoration.

7477 Szenna, Rákóczi utca 2.



Szász Endre Mansion Museum  -  Várda

Várda used to be the home of Szász Endre. Today visitors are welcome here with 4 different attractions/exhibitions.

1.     The cottage is surrounded by a socalled arboretum , and offers a venue to different kinds of events.

2.     The studio of the artist : we can admire a cross-section of his works from his early years, covering all his working styles. Visitors may also admire so far  unknown works of arts.

3.     Antique collection: it is a kind of show-room of different styles from the Renaissance until Art Nouveau.

4.     Old Timer collection: The veteran cars of  Szász Endre (Temporary exhibition). Visitors may also buy his works of art and souvenirs here. Children are welcome with a small petting zoo and handicraft programs. Dr. H Lester Cooke, art expert of the Washington  Gallery of Arts compared Szász Endre’s technique to Rembrandt, saying that „ his art goes far beyond Picasso” (performing Arts, San Francisco, April 1976)

7442 Várda, Fő u 97


Tel.: +3630/959-6979

From March to December the Museum may be visited at previously agreed dates.



The Krishna-valley is a peaceful island on the stormy see of buzzing every day life. It is only 30 km-s from Balaton, towards Kaposvár. The 260-hectare area- which serves as a cultural centre as well as an organic farm- offers wonderful sights and new experiences for visitors. In the valley, there are approximately 150 monks living with Krishnafaith, who aim to be self-sustainable and are dealing with organic farming , engaging in Vedic - based on the ancient holy book of India - lifestyle, as well as several other useful and interesting activities. Visitors are accompanied to walk through the temple area, where they can participate in cultural programs in the beautifully decorated sanctuary. Additionally , they can pay a visit to the restaurant offering extraordinary delicacies, and the souvenir shop of oriental gifts . The most significant event of the valley is the Summer Festival of Krisnavalley, organized each year at the end of July. More information about the festival is available on: website.

8699 Somogyvámos, Fő u 38.

Tel.: +3630/436-3900


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