Kaposvar, the City of Flowers welcomes you

Come here and feel the special atmosphere of Kaposvár's city center, have a rest near its water fountains, in the terraces of its cafés or under the trees of its well-kept parks! Enjoy its multicolored flowers and its festivals! Explore the trail of Rippl-Rónai between the eclectic-secessionist buildings of the city! Visit us! Kaposvár has atmosphere!

Famous sights
Have you ever been in the famous József Rippl-Rónai's villa? Besides the memorial museum, the private collections are also really special for the visitors.

Have you ever seen the gently slooping hills of Zselic? There are flowing springs, brooks and nestling artificially formed lakes located in the valleys. Plus the line of houses in the tiny village, which shows the untouched beauty of the land to visitors.

Would you like to know more about Kaposvár and its surroundings? Tourists can be well informed by our colourful publications.

Flower spa and Waterpark
Did you know that "flower power" is a first class experience in the fun pools of Kaposvár? We are proud to have the biggest full water pool in Transdanubia. Pamper yourself and try all the 46 different features!

A honlap akadálymentes felülete a Kaposvár és környéke turisztikai desztináció menedzsment szervezet kialakítása című projekt keretében készült.
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